screaming to be seen yet no-one wants to see

speaking to be heard yet no-one wants to hear

pushing to uncover truth yet no-one wants to unveil it

living to make a difference yet no-one wants to let the walls down

speaking loudly in order to be allowed yet no-one wants to pay attention

moving intentionally into certain circles yet no-one wants to grant space

loving to break loose and let freedom flow yet no-one wants to un-clinch their fists

going to bravely rock the boat yet no-one wants change

challenging the status quo yet no-one wants to release and embrace something different

no-one yet maybe,
no-one yet is there someone who will?

the push and pull
the ache and longing
the drive and tenacity
truth steers me
to know truth
to speak truth
to live in truth
to love in truth
to be in truth

{words to a silent god, ©2015}

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