​I don’t believe in a Christian God or a personal Jesus, but the ocean at sunrise and sunset is magical. The fog that dances over the surface, the wind that carves ripples into the choppy waves, they are mystifying. They are the beauty that I chase even still, even after all that has been lost to me, after all that has changed, after no more god. What this means I can’t explain. I simply don’t know. But it’s ordinary and it’s magic, that’s what I know.

Can one still believe in magic, mystery, & transcendence with no belief in a christian god or personal jesus? 

I do somehow. 

What is this other-ness that still exists and cannot be denied? 

4 thoughts on “mystery

  1. Mystery is not a fill in the blank. Not knowing the source or first cause isn’t a call to make up a grand narrative. Once we label mystery then it is no longer mystery, but other, and limited. Furthermore, grand narratives require so much maintenance, all while ignoring the beauty, the evidence.

    Mystery just is. It just is.


    • I respectfully disagree that naming something as mystery limits it. I believe there are some things that are unable to be fully known and fully understood, and this is what I chose for myself to call mystery and magic. I look and find beauty everywhere, I have to, beauty is my sanity.


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