{about zoe}

Zoe is a writer & photographer expressing how she came to the place of no longer believing in the evangelical Christian god of her entire life. She now finds herself as an agnostic with no belief in a personal god or personal jesus.

She knows there is still magic and mystery and beauty in the world. She rejects the toxic theology that told her all of her life that without Christ she was worthless, and that her heart was deceitful above all else. She is seeking a healthy self concept, to love herself, to trust herself, to listen to her own heart.

She loves to mix conceptual, contemplative, and nature/landscape photography with her writing, and is especially partial to black and white photography. She adores macro/micro photography.

She believes everyone has a voice worthy to be heard and that beauty can be found anywhere. She is an advocate for women who have experienced clergy abuse, or spiritual abuse in churches and who find themselves outside the walls. She is also an advocate as well for those women who find themselves swallowed up in the grief of child loss, or widowhood. She knows profound grief and joy, both intimately.

She is a SAHM of 2 and was married to her best friend for 12 years 8 months until he died suddenly and tragically by suicide in 2017.

Podcast interviews Zoe has done are here:

Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast Interview (Oct. 2016)

Women Beyond Belief Podcast Interview (April 2017)

Secular Parenting Women’s Panel Interview (2017)

Everyone’s Agnostic Follow-up Interview after death of husband (November 2017)

Other ways to connect with Zoe:







Incredibly grateful for your presence here, thank you for visiting!

//*Zoe Turner is a pseudonym. She is not out publicly as an agnostic under her real name.*//

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